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7 Chakra Wampum Stretch Bracelet
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7 Chakra Wampum Stretch Bracelet

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Features 8mm Wampum barrel beads, 7 8mm gemstone beads, and 8mm waxed black lava beads on a stretch cord.

This bracelet brings the cleansing energy of Wampum with its purple and white color that represents the duality of the universe – and pairs it with the healing properties of 7 cystals which represent the 7 chakras. These crystals are Red Jasper/Root, Carnelian/Sacral, Tiger’s Eye/Solar Plexus, Green Aventurine/Heart, Sodalite/Throat, Amethyst/Third Eye, Angelite/Crown. Lava beads are added for aesthetic and the ability to add aromatherapy oils to.

Photo is promotional only. All our jewelry is crafted from real quahog shells using our indigneous ancestors’ tradition of no waste. Each item has a unique pattern and is one-of-a-kind, designed by nature. The quality of shell and color we look for when designing jewelry is rare and hard to come by. Our Wampum is highly polished for a smooth finish.

Open package where it says "OPEN HERE" at the top. Don't attempt to cut the middle. You may damage your new product.

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