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Locally harvested with traditional, sustainable methods

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Full Circle 13 Moon CalendarSECOND EDITION!

Immerse yourself in the natural world around you and realign with Turtle Island as you cycle through the seasons. Full Circle is more than a calendar, it's a guide to seasonal living. Created by Good Dawn Rising, a collaboration of Wampanoag Shells' own Waban Webquish and his wife Casey Downs. Physical copies of the SECOND EDITION are ready for preorder. Digital copies are available now at the link below. 

Hand-made Jewelry

Beautiful, high-quality pieces, each a work of art.

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Teardrop Wampum

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Round Studs

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Pointed Oval Wampum

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Square Wampum

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Pendant Keychain

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Sharing Culture & Traditions


Guided Walks in Collaboration with Historical Societies

Shell-fishing with a cousin

Guided Walks in Collaboration with Historical Societies 

Sunrise on a Cape Cod lake

Handmade White Cedar Bark Twisted into Rope

Shell-fishing at low tide

Turtle Wetu Project with the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth

Shell-fishing at low tide

At the Wetu in Yarmouth

Shell-fishing at low tide

Inside the Wetu Built in Collaberation with the Historical Society of Old Yarmouth

Shell-fishing at low tide

Having Fun at a Private Clam Boil

Shell-fishing at low tide

Let Us Feed You at Your Next Event

About Waban

Waban Webquish is an indigenous professional who provides education on the history and traditions of his cultural heritage through guided walks and seminars as well as creates and distributes handmade Wampum jewelry, traditional indigenous items, and culturally sustainable foods. 
Waban accepts bookings for private walks around Cape Cod and Southeastern MA. In Spring 2023 he will be doing educational kayak tours for those who are interested. He is available for lectures at colleges and universities. Waban also participates in many farmer’s markets on the Cape and islands and in Southeastern MA. Please reach out through email if you are interested in booking.
In the Spring of 2020, Waban began working on the Turtle Wetu Project in collaboration with the Yarmouth Historical Society. This is an ongoing project that will include a series of walks discussing indigenous history from the local area, as well as festivals celebrating local indigenous culture. You can find more information on this through the Old Yarmouth Historical Society website.  Following traditional indigenous teachings, nothing goes to waste. When fishing for Quahogs, the leftover shells are used to make jewelry and the meat is cooked to produce Cape Cod's best-tasting Stuffed Quahogs. There is a long history and extensive culture behind the well-known Wampanoag Shells and Waban is happy to share this culture with the world.

Fishing using live bait, a method our tribe has done for thousands of years.

“Culture and Heritage will alwayskeep balance in one's life.”

– Waban Webquish

Sharing Our Traditions

Let's get back to our roots by working with nature as we have for thousands of years, through sustainable methods and practices. You've never felt this close to home.

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    We fish for Quahogs using a simple rake and bucket. Young quahogs are tossed back, adults are chosen for size and quality.

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    The quahog meat is used for stuffers, pie, and other recipes. You won't find any other better tasting or fresher quahog on the Cape.

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    A true artist with over a decade of experience, Waban uses the shells of the quahogs to create original and authentic jewelry.

Look Beautiful, Eat Well, and Expand Your Knowledge

Explore the Beauty of Wampum Jewelry

Dozens of beautifully handmade earrings, necklaces, pendants, and other fine accessories.

Article illustration photo
Article illustration photo

Fresh Quahog Stuffers

We'll make them fresh to order. Eat em' now or freeze for later. These are easily the best tasting Stuffers on the Cape!

Article illustration photo
Article illustration photo

Video Gallery

Waban keeps a close connection to all around him. Take a look and join him in his journey back to our native roots.

Interview with Falmouth Community TV

Quahog Harvest After Long Day's Work

Wampanoag Pow-Wow

Life is like Sorting a Thousand Beads

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