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Comfort & Joy Winter Wellness Tea
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Comfort & Joy Winter Wellness Tea

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Ingredients: Calendula, Thyme, Rosemary, Elderflower, and Juniper Berries

This tea is a blend of herbs to support good health during the winter. It supports the immune and respiratory system, promotes good digestion, helps keep cold & flu away, and provides essential vitamins and nutrients for overall good health.

NOTE: The berries like to come out all at once, only add 2-3 per cup.

This is a great option to brew and add to soups and broths.

Our herbal tea blends are intentionally created by an herbalist to support and promote overall good health. They come in a sealed pouch for freshness. We only use the highest quality herbs, either grown/foraged by us with NO CHEMICALS or purchased organic from our favorite small businesses, local if possible. These are not your average box teas (we NEVER use old herbs).

Add in honey, lemon, ginger, or your sweetener/flavor of choice for taste and added health benefits. Steep teas for 5-10 minutes in just boiled water, covering to keep in the good stuff. Tea infusers make for easy cleanup.