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Store homepageFull CircleFull Circle 13 Moons of Northeastern Turtle Island Calendar (physical copy)
Full Circle 13 Moons of Northeastern Turtle Island Calendar (physical copy)
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Full Circle 13 Moons of Northeastern Turtle Island Calendar (physical copy)

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Full Circle 13 Moons of Northeastern Turtle Island Calendar (physical)


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The purpose of this calendar is to immerse yourself in the natural world around you. Realign with Turtle Island as you cycle through the seasons.

Full Circle is more than a calendar, it’s a guide to seasonal living. It begins on the first new moon after the Spring Equinox, giving you the option to use it year after year.

It includes:

• 13 moon cycles with 28 days in calendar form.

• Each moon cycle has information on what to expect at that time of year. Beautiful illustrations are paired with thoughtful writings.

• Dates for the new moon and full moon of each cycle are added to help give you an idea on timing alignment with the Gregorian calendar. Supermoons are noted.

• The start day for each zodiac sign is noted.

• Information on the significance of the solstices, equinoxes, and moon phases and how to harness their energy. They are noted on the calendar.

• *BONUS* The digital copy has 2 bonus pages not included with the print version. The first is a list of dates for the new moon, first quarter moon, full moon, and third quarter moon for all 13 moon cycles from 03/22/23 to 04/01/24. The second is a list of the zodiac signs and where they fall within the 13 moon cycle.

Created by Good Dawn Rising — A family sharing wisdom on seasonal living, caregiving the land, and honoring ancestral traditions. Made up of husband and wife team: Waban Webquish and Casey Downs.

Find out more at and follow us on Facebook and Instagram @gooddawnrising

To place a large calendar order, book an educational talk, or create a program, send emails to

Waban Webquish is the creator of the Full Circle 13 Moon Calendar. It is a reflection of the way he lives his life by nature’s rhythm. This was taught to him by his elders and nature itself. Waban is Wampanoag/Nipmuc and offers guided walks and education on Cape Cod and beyond. He has worked with many local historical societies and universities to create programs centering the history and continued traditions of his people. Waban is an indigenous artist, entrepreneur, and culture keeper. Find out more at and follow him on IG and FB @wampanoagshells (culture) and @wabanstudio (photography)

Casey Downs is editor and co-contributor of the Full Circle calendar. Through her personal brand A Mindful Intuitive she offers mentoring and education on holistic wellness, folk herbalism, homesteading, and tarot reading. Casey also crafts herbal products, intentional tools & adornments, and offers tarot readings. She is currently training as a full-spectrum doula. Find her offerings at and follow her on IG & FB @amindfulintuitive