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Round Wampum Studs
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Round Wampum Studs

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Made with real Quahog Shells and Sterling Silver, our beautiful, hand-made earrings are crafted using traditional techniques of our Wampanoag ancestors. We take pride in our commitment to quality and our heritage.

Size: ¼ inches (8mm) round. Sterling Silver. Natural colors (may vary).

The Wampanoag tribe has been making wampum beads for hundreds if not thousands of years. These true Wampum Earrings are crafted from original Quahog shells by an indigenous jeweler. Traditionally used and exchanged as currency, our tribe uses Quahog to make jewelry for special occasions, to honor their heritage, and to raise funds.

Our beautiful and authentic earrings feature a natural shell with gradients of purple and white, which takes hours to craft and polish by hand.